Partner with a regulated global broker and convert your influence into revenue. Earn up to 300$ CPA for each account referred

Are you an affiliate, influencer, website publisher, media buyer, digital marketer, or an affiliate network member? Earn generous commissions by referring your audience to Cerus Markets.

Earn up to

$1000 USD

per qualified account referred

Our program allows you to generously monetize the traffic you generate. Send us qualified clients and get rewarded accordingly. The advantage of our program is that we segment the way you can earn. Most brokers reward you only when the clients you refer complete all stages of onboarding. We reward you after each stage.

Why become a Cerus Marktets Affiliate?


Segmented rewarding program

Enjoy a segmented commission structure and enticing incentives designed specifically for each country group and FTD level


Dedicated account management

Enjoy dedicated support and unlock the exclusive features tailored to your affiliate strategy.


Advanced portal for client analytics

Track your clients’ activity and monitor your campaigns performance.


Marketing Toolkit

Gain access to a wide range of marketing tools to make your traffic monetization easy and effective.


On demand payments and flexible terms

Withdraw your commissions easily, in minutes. No payment restrictions.


Trusted and regulated broker

Reputation is everything. Refer your clients to a regulated and globally trusted broker.

Trading advantages for the clients you refer to Cerus Markets.

  • icon2-_0004_Range-of-Markets

    다양한 시장

    암호화폐와 세계 최대 규모의 기업 및 원자재를 암호화폐와 페어링하여 거래할 수 있습니다.

  • icon2-_0003_Trading-Flexibility

    거래 유연성

    하드웨어 지갑 없이도 암호화폐를 안전하고 빠르게 사고 팔 수 있습니다.

  • icon2-_0002_No-Fees-&-No-Commissions

    이용료 및 수수료 제로

    거래 수수료가 무료이며 입금 또는 출금 수수료도 없습니다. 지불하는 거래 비용은 스프레드뿐입니다.

  • icon2-_0001_Trusted-&-Regulated

    신뢰 및 규제

    말레이시아 라부안 금융서비스청(FSA)의 규제를 받습니다.

  • icon2-_0000_Safety-of-Funds

    자금의 안전

    지갑 없이 모든 자금은 세계 최대 은행의 분리된 계좌에 보관됩니다.


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